Proposal – Exploring Photographic Practice
For this assignment I am going to attempt to use the photographer John Blakemore as a reference and incorporate his style into my own piece of work. In order to do this I am going to keep to the obvious aspects such as to photograph my subjects in black and white and also to try and keep it all lighted in a natural light source.
At first I had wanted to go to my local park and take images of the playground and all the objects in it. I thought this ought to be good due to the park being in quite poor condition and in ruin; these aspects of rust and dirt would have been good to photograph. However, I decided against this in the end because I wanted to keep it closer to John Blakemore’s work and use my house as my studio. This could backfire but I have put a lot of thought into it and it will hopefully work out in the end.
For my final images I have chosen to photograph a ladies make-up table over a series of weeks and document the movement and use of objects and products. I understand that this may sound strange and not completely in the same fashion as John Blakemore, but I think using manufactured/man-made objects that are consumed (in a different way) could be and interesting concept.
I also want to photograph the surroundings and the personality of the objects around the table such as mirrors and decorations.  The point to this is to show personality and reflection (literally and non-literally) of how a ‘individual female’s mind works’, I can’t stress enough about how I am not trying to portray how a stereotypical woman’s mind works, nor am I trying to use this to play up to what I or anyone else thinks  a stereotypical woman is. I am merely using this exercise to try and show a different aspect of beauty – as John Blakemore showed it in nature/ tulips I aim to show how people perceive beauty and in some cases have a space in which they make or graph beauty. This may seem to go off course to what we were asked to do but I think it ties in nicely with referencing John Blakemore’s work and using different aspects, not only the obvious black and white or fruit aspects, but the beauty and obsessive compulsive side also (literally OR non-literally).
The obsessive side of photography and the obsessive side of beauty.
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